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Prostate Cancer Screening Trial using A Group of Radiological Approaches including MRI and ultrasound

Design and Objective

The PROSTAGRAM trial will be testing a new scan which could be used to screen for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and 1-in-23 men will die from the disease. In recent years, prostate cancer deaths have overtaken those from breast cancer. Our aim is to find an imaging technique, like mammograms for breast cancer, which could be offered to all men aged 50-69years for prostate cancer screening.

Key inclusion criteria

Men aged 50-69 years without a recent history of previous PSA screening tests or prostate cancer. No evidence of a urinary tract infection or history of acute prostatitis within the last 6 months or contraindication to MRI.

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Study Disclaimer Statement

The PROSTAGRAM trial is funded by a Wellcome Trust Programme Grant (grant number 204998/Z/16/Z), a BMA Foundation for Medical Research grant, a Urology Foundation Research Scholarship (RESCH18), a Royal College of Surgeons of England Research Fellowship and a grant from UK National Institute of Health Research Imperial Biomedical Research Centre.