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CHERUB 003 - 301

Trial Details

  • Trial statusClosed
  • Study email contactcherub@imperial.ac.uk
  • Chief InvestigatorDr Sarah Fidler
  • Project managern/a - study closed
  • SponsorImperial College, London
  • Phasen/a

Prospective observational study of HIV positive individuals on suppressive HAART with malignancy undergoing chemotherapy

Design and Objective

HIV infection is successfully treated with a type of therapy called HAART. This therapy has made a great improvement to the lives of people with HIV but it is not able to eliminate HIV virus from the body – a ‘latent’/sleeping virus remains. There is some evidence that drugs used to treat certain cancers may affect the latent virus. We will therefore study levels of latent virus in the body before and after cancer treatment.

Key inclusion criteria

• Aged ≥ 18 years and able to give written informed consent • Aware of HIV status and the diagnosis of malignancy • Plasma viral load of < 50 HIV1 RNA copies/ml (on suppressive HAART) at enrolment • Be designated to receive cytotoxic chemotherapy including: RCHOP, ABVD, Caelyx, Daunoxome or Paclitaxel

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